"Learn How To Use A Bootcamp Blueprint to create 5-Figure Launches on Demand"


I launched a 30-day Bootcamp 4 times during a global pandemic and generated 5 figures each time. 


The truth is....I've created 1:1 coaching programs, coaching courses, ebooks, masterclasses for years.

I'd nailed that part of my coaching business.  Honestly, I've even gotten to the point that I was so comfortable with my content and the ability of how to attract soul mate clients that I was selling classes and ebooks before I even began to prepare slides or write the book. 

The issue was that I felt I could only REALLY be an impactful coach in small group coaching environments or meeting 1:1 with my clients. 

I would literally cap the enrollment on my courses, programs, intensives, and Inner Circle Mastermind groups so I could be sure to make a deep impact with the people that trusted me to lead them on the journey.

My personal coaches would tell me that my belief that I could only get deep results in 1:1 and small group environments was a mindset block but I couldn't see it because I was changing lives daily with that business model  

I knew deep down inside that I couldn't truly scale to my next level if I continued the 1:1 and small group business model because there's only so many hours in a day and I was maxed on calendar.


One day, when I was deciding on the topic for my next ebook...

I looked at my most frequently asked questions. Side Note: Always pay attention to what you're asked the most.

I noticed that I was often asked about my journey to become a life coach.

I decided that would be my ebook topic. 

As always, I pre-sold the book for $19. 

This issue is that I was SOOOO dreading writing the book that I decided to offer it as a class instead.

I sent a message to my list to attend a free class on how to become a life coach in 2020 and 500+ people enrolled in the class.

That told me there was a bigger market for this so I decided to pitch a 30-day offer to enroll in a 30-day Bootcamp teaching what I would do if I had to start all over as a life coach in 2020...April 2020 to be exact.

53 people enrolled. 

Since then, I've launched 3 more times for a total of 4 launches.

Each time, I generated 5 figures.

...AND, the deep level at which it impactful their lives was astonishing! 

I was blown away with the shifts that were made in their lives and how profound the 30-day immersion experience changed the way they see and DO life.

At the end of the 30 days, they didn’t want it to end so I created more spin off programs to continue to support them in their journey. 

I created a Certification Program, a membership, and an Inner Circle that spins off of that one front end client attraction Bootcamp.

Now,  I'm sharing my game-changing strategies for HOW to use a Bootcamp to front-load clients in your business and create an eco-system of other programs in your business to become even more impactful and profitable as a coach...ANY kind of coach, really. 

This business model will give you a formatted framework to incorporate in your business that will better position you to generate income on demand. 

It puts you in a position to build out an entire ecosystem of programs that all generate substantial monthly revenue.

Is the Bootcamp Blueprint for 5-Figure Launches on Demand - Private Training for you?


The answer is YES IF:


You are someone who is already running a coaching business and ready to scale to another level

You already understand WHO you are and WHAT your messaging is as a Life Coach

You just need the framework to use the bootcamp model as a strategy to front-load clients IN VOLUME into your business and build an entire ecosystem infrastructure into your coaching practice

You want to learn how to have 5-figure launches

REAL People. REAL Results:

Testimonials from former members of The Life Coach 30-Day Bootcamp

Jamie Watkins

"I've been able to get further clarity on my purpose and what it means to be an impactful Life Coach. I was able to have the tools and learn the techniques to further my business. More importantly, I was able to form a bond with a community of sister coaches that is unmatched."

Ronikka Hannans

"The Life Coach 30-Day Bootcamp was very informative, extremely interactive, and challenging. I think I underestimated the challenge. It was infused with high quality information that you can use, and Coach Kelly J was nurturing the entire step of the way."

Sabrina Page

"Coach K’s phenomenal bootcamp has definitely been one of many blessings. Not just the content and sharing of knowledge, but the partnership, continuous support and positive energy that is evident from both her and the entire Bootcamp team!"

Monica Taylor

"Coach Kelly J, Thank you so very much for your leadership, guidance, wise counsel, and support over the past several months. I gained so much from your expertise and knowledge about business, coaching, and being part of a community. The Bootcamp and Certification and Mentorship Programs got me all the way together personally and professionally! As a result, I have clients in my life coaching AND business consulting tracks! My business consulting client has contracted me at $357 per hour. i also have a waitlist for my 'Your Fabulous Life' program". This is beyond my wildest dreams and I'm so grateful."

LaFarn Burton

Coach Kelly J is a serial entrepreneur; she is smart as a whip; a marketing ninja; and a media magnate. She has a soul that leads and drives all decisions. Her leadership and guidance are producing coaches around the globe. Thanks Coach Kelly J for your wisdom, guidance, love, nurturing, selflessness, and support.

Lynda Bugg

Praise God! I wanted to share that I just finished a new client Discovery Call and signed her up for my 1:1 Mindset for Success Coaching Program! She even paid at the end of the call. I knew in my spirit that I could help her and didn't want to lose the momentum for her to wait for my group program. She's also signing up for my VB Workshop next week. Stay the course sisters! Coach Kelly J, you're the best!