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THIS is what makes doing LIVE videos easy

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The Impactful Coach Bingo Challenge

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4 Ways To Kick Work Anxiety To The Curb

The problem with anxiety is that it’s irrational. You know you shouldn’t have fear or nervousness about a particular thing, and yet it’s there anyway, often preventing you from reaching your full potential.

Work anxiety isn’t any different. You determine that you want to start a project of your own or something you have to do for your job, and then you realize that you can’t. You can make a hundred excuses for it, but the fact is, you’re terrified about doing something that needs to be done.

Work anxiety is the general fear or nervousness you experience about working on something. That something can be either work for your job, your side hustle, or just a creative pursuit.

When you get work anxiety, you may feel unmotivated to work, no matter what you try. You may also question whether doing the work will even make a difference.

Obviously you know that doing the work will make you feel better, and will improve your situation, but you can’t...

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3 Key Factors To Grow Your Social Media Following...Organically



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How To Set Monthly Intentions


How many times have you heard “What you think, you become”? Setting intentions is the first step to embodying what you want in life and who you want to become.

It allows you to get clear on who you want to be and gives you guiding principles to focus on to get to where you want to be.


Goal setting is about what we want to do and intention setting is about how we want to be. Intentions are an aim or purpose that you want to align with your life.

It’s about choosing to be a certain way and approaching life with a sense of purpose. Goals are usually external achievements and intentions are the relationships with yourself and others.

Intention: Feel energized and well-rested throughout the day

Goal: Go to bed by 11 p.m.

The important thing to take away from the difference between intentions and goals is that intentions are about how you want to be and feel.


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The Impactful Coach Bingo Challenge

It's time for another fun challenge designed to help you step deeper into self-awareness and change your corner of the world!

First things first: You do not have to currently be a life coach to join this challenge. ANYONE can join.

This challenge is all about honing in on the soulmate clients you are meant to serve, how to fine-tune your messaging, and how to show up so you are magnetic to them.

Spoiler alert: We will be diving into how and when you should show up on video on social media. If video scares you, this is your opportunity to overcome that fear. If you are comfortable on video but don't feel you're reaching your client, this is your opportunity to hone in on your messaging and come out stronger than you've ever been!!!

Here's the deets!:

A 14-Day Challenge For Life Coaches that want to make a deeper connection to book more clients and those interested in becoming impactful Life Coaches

Challenge Dates: August 1 - 14, 2020

Who is this challenge for:

  • Anyone who is a life...
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As a small business owner, you are the brand.


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Pick up your ducks and take a run for it

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Are You on the Verge of Business Burnout? Look for these Signs…

Burnout is a very real problem, especially for solopreneurs.

Solopreneurs are by themselves and feel the entire weight of their success on their lone shoulders. This large responsibility often leads these business owners to work 14+ hour days and lose track of what’s happening at home with their families.

But is focusing so much attention on your business a wise decision? 

No, not if you want to achieve a work/life balance that makes you and your family happy. Even if you’re single, making time for self-care and relaxation will improve your overall health and mental wellbeing. Let’s talk about the signs to look for that indicate you might be headed toward a burnout.

  1. Insomnia. If your brain can’t shut down because you’re consumed with work, your sleep pattern will get disrupted, leaving you overtired, lacking energy, and possibly lacking the mental energy to make wise business decisions.
  2. Procrastination. Do you cringe at the length of your daily...
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The Issue With Side Hustles

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