10 Things That Keep Coaches and Consultants From Obtaining 7 Figures and Beyond

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10 Things That Keep Coaches and Consultants From Obtaining 7 Figures and Beyond


Before we get started, the next 5-day Group Coaching Challenge starts Monday, August 29th.

We spend 5 days together where I show you how to get into coaching or DOMINATE the coaching industry you’re already in!!

Okay, here we go...


  1. Being okay with being okay.

If you're someone who’s just ok and you don't feel the need to get on the grind, it wasn’t for you anyway. Simple.


  1. Their messaging is VERY SURFACE level.

Messaging has to be so on point!

It has to make the people who are meant to work with you say “I gotta have it!” “that’s me.” “It's my time”.

It needs to be felt in the soul of the people you're trying to touch.


  1. You don't have a blueprint to get someone the result they are looking for.

Listen y'all

If you’ve been around for a while, you know I LOVEEE to talk about the blueprint I give away in my 5-day Group Coaching Challenge!

Next week I’m hosting my 5-day Group Coaching Challenge teaching MY SIGNATURE BLUEPRINT on how to navigate the transition from a 1:1 coaching business model to a group coaching business model.


  1. They don't have a scalable business model.

Building a business is one thing but scaling it to a new level is a whole new ball game, trust me. 

My 5-Day Group Coaching Blueprint Challenge is going to teach you the ONLY way to truly scale as a coach!


  1. They use social media more for consumption than for production.

I know I'm stepping on some toes with this one. Social media is a business tool, use it as that!


  1. They are scattered!

I'm not saying you can't be multifaceted or have more than one passion.

What I am saying is pick one, get known AND paid for that one, and then go discover your other passions. 


  1. You give too much access to yourself. 

You have to protect your energy!

As your being ascends up, you can't allow everyone to jeopardize your expansive level. 


  1. They don't have a high-ticket program.

You're not charging enough to relax and have your time freedom!!!


  1. Some coaches don't leverage the assets they’ve already created.  

I'll really break this down next week in the Group Coaching Challenge but if you listen close I give you a sneak peek at how I leverage assets I created years ago.


  1. They don't plan ahead with forwarding projections…they just wing it.

 All I gotta say here is that I can help you fix this on day 1 working with me and my Team. 


If you learned something here it's time to get your challenge ticket. I promise I have so much more to teach you!

My team and I teach everyday coaches how to go from a 1:1 business model to a group coaching business model because group coaching is the ONLY way to scale your coaching program. 


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