I finished the NLP Master Practitioner RE-certification!

I’m so happy that I finished the NLP Master Practitioner RE-certification!

Guess what?! We left Tampa and about half way home, we decided we’re not quite ready to go home so I whipped out my phone and found another @airbnb.

This time it’s a lake house in North Georgia!

Halfway down I-85 @insidetheflip_ got a text about a fire-damaged house (his specialty) so we had to make a pit spot before our final destination.

As a real estate investor, you gotta be ready to hop on deals as they come through. #StayReady 

Anywho, once we arrived to the airbnb, everything was a whole vibe. Decor, wallpaper, the intricate details. β€οΈ

There’s even a cute cottage included. Thinking I’ll host a previously scheduled VIP day there. πŸ’ƒπŸ½

AJ’s parents and our dog & theirs are here too! πŸΆπŸΆ

πŸ—£ If you’re living a mundane life that isn’t contributing to the legacy you want to leave, let’s change that.

I’ve got an option for you if you’re serious, not just curious.