Building an audience vs building a list

I see you out here showing up!!! Yaaay!! That's half the battle to becoming successful in an online based business.
Here's the thing:
Building an audience on social media is cool but won't translate into $$$ if you're not collecting email addresses to market to them later with even more gems and create a deeper connection over time.
Plus, you don't own the social platforms that can change the rules of the game at anytime.
When you send them to your platform, you are better positioned for success because you're building YOUR list on YOUR platform.
The key to growing your business is to move your audience folks to your list by providing enough value to them.
When you have a constantly growing list, you open up SOOOOO many more possibilities for yourself as a business owner.
I LOVE social media but I also realized it's a TOOL in my business.
NUGGET: Spend more time on 'output' then you do on 'input' out here in these social media streets! OUCH!
Here's what you can do now to make the transition from audience building to list building:
1. Create a free piece of content and offer it up on social media.
HOW: Get the class here that shows you:
This easy-to-follow training is only 30 minutes. You could literally get this done TODAY.
P.S Remember to email your list weekly with valuable content to keep them engaged. You'll see different results next time you put your offer out into the marketplace.