I still can't believe it...

I still can’t believe that in two weeks I’m hosting a group of 10 women to a retreat in Tulum, MX.

This is something I never even dreamed of as a government employee earning my 6-figure salary and enjoying the comfort and security of a check every two weeks like clockwork.

While that life had become ‘easy’ after nearly 20 years, it wasn’t serving my calling to my higher purpose.

Honestly, it was scary to leave the solid feeling of knowing all the faucets of the job i went to college to do, I did very well and was respected to the utmost doing.

Here’s the thing though…FREEDOM, OPTIONS, INNER JOY, and UNCAPPED INCOME are really where happiness are fulfillment are at!

If you’ve been feeling mundane in the repetitive routine of life, take time to intentionally make a bold shift to discover what sets your soul on 🔥🔥🔥 and do that!

I did and I’m never turning back to mundane comfort in exchange for limitless living!


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