This is POWERFUL work.

Day 9 of 14 of NLP Master Practitioner RE-Certification in Tampa, FL is complete!

It was Day Two of Week 2.

The deep-dive Mental & Emotional Release™️ (MER) experience as a (mock) client was one of the most enlightening experiences I’ve EVER had.

I can’t wait to facilitate this for others.

It’s LIFE-CHANGING! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

During the MER process, the client chooses one of six areas to focus on for the 4 - 6 hour process.

The facilitators paired us with partners and we put all the training we’ve learned in the past 8 days to work to unlock an emotional release…that results in a breakthrough. 😩

I acted as the client today. I will act as the Master NLP Facilitator for 4 - 6 hours tomorrow.

This is POWERFUL work.

During the MER process as the client, so much was discovered & unlocked on the inside of me that I didn’t even know about…nothing traumatic…just a deep level of understanding of how and why I do some of the things and do in life…overall.

Listen, we are ALL very powerful beings…

Even more so when you lean in to the process of tapping into your unconscious mind and deciphering what’s there, why it’s there, and how it is or is not serving your higher self and goals.

If you are ready for an experience of releasing old limiting beliefs and installing new ones to change your life or business, send me a DM on Instagram (@CoachKellyJ). I’ll be taking only 25 clients this calendar year.