3 Mistakes Coaches Make & How to Prevent Them

Hey y'all heyy!

You wanna know what mistakes to avoid to be an effective Coach?

Well I've been doing this for SO long and I've made a TON of mistakes, so let me save y'all just a bit of the headache.


 1. Running back to what is comfortable...

I was just talking about this in my Bootcamp Boss Academy group coaching program where I noticed one of my sister coaches was not stepping fully into her assignment as a Coach. There was something holding her back from Coaching, and we fixed it on the spot!


2. Trying to wear ALL of the hats 

I know you are great but it's also okay to ask for help so you can be a great AND efficient Coach.

My advice...Find you a TEAM that works best for what you need and the stress will immediately disappear. 


3. Not switching to a Group Coaching format

You are NOT going to be able to scale in terms of income, impact, or influence by sticking with 1:1.

Group Coaching really is my JAM and tonight is DAY 1 of my current Challenge. Its not too late for you to register and get the clarity you need to scale your business

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Here’s what you can get from the VIP Experience:

  • 5 Days of how to create 5-figure launches on demand and become successful at building our an eco-system in your business by operating in a group coaching business model with Coach Kelly J and her amazing team
  • How to stop feeling vague on who you’re meant to serve and narrow down your niche market.
  • How to create magnetic messaging so that you attract clients you love to work with.
  • How to release the overwhelm of putting all the right pieces in place to run your coaching practice.
  • How to use social media to enroll clients.
  • The difference between coaching and therapy 
  • (My personal favorite) How to get paid to be YOU! 




Text me the word "Decide" at (404) 574-6196 to let the Team know you will be joining the next Challenge.


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