5 Things I Learned by Attending A 1-Day Mastermind

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5 Things I Learned By Attending A 1-Day Mastermind

On Wednesday, I went to a 1-day mastermind in the Bahamas and here’s what I learned...


Some of the things I learned didn’t actually occur at the mastermind. They were hidden gems from the experience. 

I think we tend to miss things when we're looking for one thing to take from an experience because it's more about what you learn along the journey.


  1. It does not take big changes to make BIG shifts. 


There are very small shifts that I can see from other people's businesses that I can implement in my business to make BIG changes in 2023 and beyond!


If you're listening to the right people and in the right environments you will see that the small changes will impact your business the most. 

They are small but impactful!


  1. Know what YOU contribute to any table you pull up to!


Y’all know I’m a southern bell so I was raised that you don't show up anywhere empty-handed. I use this concept in business too.

I show up with MY skill set that I bring to the table to share with others.


I keep saying the word mastermind but I don't know if everyone knows what that means. A mastermind is a collaborative event of like-minded individuals sharing their skillset and bouncing ideas off of each other. 


There's a beauty about being in the room and being in the room OPEN to learning.

Here are #3-#5 of the things I learned by attending a 1-Day Mastermind but you'll have to head over to my Instagram @CoachKellyJ and listen to the deep dive!


  1. Look at others who are winning in their industry and ponder on how you can implement that success in your industry.
  2. The more you learn about something that scares you, the less fearful of it that you become.
  3. Be willing to be the pioneer in your circle. Be willing to go first. 


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