5 Ways To Get More Clients Without Working More Hours



Let’s put **NEW** meaning to ‘more clients’.
I was up to my eyeballs in client meetings….all day, everyday. Yikes!
I could barely stop long enough to have lunch with my 73 year old mom when she was visiting because I had ‘client meetings’ that had been booked weeks in advance.
I was heading to burnout but trying to keep up with the coaching world’s view of success means lots of clients.
If you’re anything like me, I thought ‘lots of clients’ meant 1:1 clients.
Here’s the issue with that:
⁉️You get maxed out very quickly because there’s only so many hours in day ⁉️
🚧 DANGER ZONE: If you’re maxed out on time, you’re also maxed out on good vibes, mentally clarity, self-care, and family time, and all the things that make you magnetic to attract the right clients.
There’s a LOT to unpack there because getting more discovery calls is your whole goal, right?…
There’s some internal awakening, some unnamed fears, and a lot of assumptions with the whole business model that has you on the phone all day (and night) with clients.
Watch the video to hear my (unfiltered) viewpoint on how to NOT let this happen to you...even if you’re not to that point yet, learn what you can do NOW.
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