5 Ways to Know You are Living Out of Alignment


5 Ways to Know You are Living Out of Alignment

Part of being a Coach and building out your coaching business means attracting and aligning yourself with what I like to call your Soulmate Clients. 

Living in alignment simply means that you're operating in an energy that matches or is in agreement with what your soul desires. It means to honor your values and your beliefs. 

Quite often, that's part of what we teach as coaches. It just shows up in a number of different ways, depending on your specialty of coaching.

Something happened to get you from where you started to where you are now...and now your client is where you once were.

This is where you step in. This is where you use your story to help someone else through theirs.

THIS is why it's important to live IN alignment and IN your truth.

...but what if you aren't? How do you even know if you aren't? 


I have 5 ways to tell.


Number one...you feel in your heart that you KNOW you're meant for more. You've come to a point where you just can't shake that feeling anymore.

I know you know that exact feeling, but let's really get into this.

Watch the video to hear the rest!