6 Key Areas To Building a Solid Coaching Foundation


If you're a new or aspiring Coach...

These 6 key areas will teach you how to build out the foundation of your business and dominate your marketplace faster.

Even if you're already coaching, but you aren't getting the traction you want...these areas are going to give you some key indicators on how to fill the gaps in your business.

Most people only tap into one or two of these, but you need ALL SIX to succeed in this business.

Or any business really.

These 6 key areas make up my signature P6 Coaching Formula and they're how you build a solid coaching foundation in your business AND keep it going.

The first thing you want to consider is knowing your purpose. Why are you getting into this? What brought you to this point of even wanting to be a Coach?

This is your messaging.

THIS is where you begin to find your footing and solidify your foundation.

Watch the video to tap into areas 2-6!