7 BIG MISTAKES Seasoned Coaches Make

7 BIG MISTAKES Seasoned Coaches Make

(New coaches, this is for you too)


I can't stress enough the importance of continuing to invest in your skillset as a Coach.


There's always something you don't know...yet. There's always room to grow and better your craft, even if you feel like you're already successful and doing well.


You can be knee deep and some years into the coaching game and still be making some BIG mistakes that might have cost you a few clients 👀


Now of course, you don't know what you don't know. 

However, there are a few things that I DO KNOW (7 to be exact) that I'd like to pass on.


Let's jump right into it.


One of the first big mistakes coaches make is they buy people's story instead of selling them the solution.

Whew. I'll give y'all a minute.


When you're ready, watch the video and let's get into it!