A 'behind the red curtain' strategy for business owners

No matter what business you're in, you will very likely have many follow-up sequences in your business. While you have a larger, overarching funnel with a clear goal (perhaps a VIP day or exclusive retreat), each follow-up series will have its own smaller goal as well, with each one designed to move subscribers deeper into your funnel.

For example, you may offer a free webinar training to show attendees the power of blogging for business or how to jump stat your weight loss, or how to navigate life with teenagers, or how to live your best life, or how to XYZ123 lol!

Don't let a 'webinar' throw you off, it's very easy to do. You can use Zoom, Webinar Jam, Google Hangouts, Go To Webinar etc. Since webinars have become such a way to connect, there's tons of platforms out there that are fairly inexpensive to use and the learning curve is minimal. I use Webinar Jam for larger audiences and Zoom for my more intimate coaching programs. I love both! Webinar Jam is about $500/year and Zoom is about $50/month (cheaper plans that this but that's the one I'm on. I love that it allows you to actually SEE the people...great to create more personable connection).

Here's the point...after the webinar, you’ll reach out with a series of five or seven emails which:

  • Restate the importance of XYZ
  • Provide proof of concept through case studies
  • Offer tips and strategies not covered during the webinar
  • Give links to supporting documents and additional resourcesFinally, you’ll offer your paid program, which subscribers can purchase at a discount if they do so within a set period of time.In this example, the paid training in your area of expertise is the goal for this follow-up sequence, but not your big, end-of-funnel goal. It’s merely one step along the path to that VIP program, retreat, or high-end private coaching program.


Exercise: Determine Your Goal

  • The primary offer for my dream client is.....
  • This offer is perfect for her because it will....

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