Activate your growth zone

Day 5 of 14 of NLP Master Practitioner RE-Certification in Tampa, FL is complete!

The 10-hour days still feel super long. Plus, they don’t have tables for us to lean on to take notes. There are 60+ adults in a hotel conference room, sitting in uncomfortable chairs without tables.
It seems silly to have to balance a big 3-ring binder on your lap for such a long period of time.
This ‘issue’ is heavily talked (and complained) about on the short 15-minutes breaks. 😩
As of today, I NOW see why they do it. 👀
It’s meant to stretch us outside of the norm and outside of our comfort zone.
They didn’t ‘say’ that, I figured it out on my own.
Perhaps after the training is over, they’ll tell us why…maybe, maybe not. But I know what it did for me.
Since my lesson has been learned, I went and bought yoga blocks after class today to rest my feet on for the remainder of the training. This will elevate my legs enough so my large 3-ring binder won’t keep sliding off my lap.
The lesson I’m taking away from that is that there’s always a way to BE MORE RESOURCEFUL when it seems there’s no other options. There’s always an options if you really want something…allow yourself to TAP INTO YOUR RESOURCEFULNESS. 😉
Anywho, I also decided (internally) just yesterday to bring back my VIP Day as an option to work with me and get the fast track in your business. I stopped offering them about a year ago. TODAY, someone inquired about it. I’m telling you, God responds to your desires when you are walking in your Divine assignment. 🙏🏾
NOTE: VIP Days are a 5-figure investment. You and I would work 1:1 and strategize a plan to fast track YOU & YOUR BUSINESS. It’s ideal for any action-taker in any sort of business. It’s heavily strategy-based BUT also has mindset magic, belief shifting, and quantum leap activating are part of it too!
You’ll leave with clarity and an annual plan of action to EXECUTE. DM ‘VIP’ on Instagram (@CoachKellyJ) for the application link. ✌🏾