Are you scared of the sales side of your business?

Many people are scared the actually sell their products....
Here's the thing though....
You have to believe in your product so much that you feel like you're doing your tribe a disservice if you don't offer it to them.
If you knew of a great speciality doctor and a friend of yours needed that service, you would rave about that doctor to your friend, right?
When eat at an awesome restaurant with great food and service, you tell everyone about it, right?
You have to regard your product the exact same way. You're doing them a disservice if you know someone that would benefit for your product or service but you're fearful of offering it.
Change your mindset from 'slimy car salesman' to 'I've got this great thing and I want to help as many people as possible with it and I can't do that if they don't even know it exists.
Think about it. If you know someone that needs what you have and it will solve a problem they are dealing with, tell them.
'Sales' doesn't have to be a bad word....really.
Kelly J