Mistakes to Avoid to be an Effective Coach...

Coach Kelly J
Mistakes to Avoid to be an Effective Coach...

You wanna know what mistakes to avoid in order to be an effective Coach?

Well I've been doing this for SO long and I've made a TON of mistakes, so let me save y'all just a bit of the headache I went through when scaling my Coaching program.

Let's talk about what I think are some mistakes to avoid in order to be an effective Coach:


 1. Running back to what is comfortable...

Going back to something that you’ve done for so long (just because it’s comfortable), even after you’ve realized it's no longer the “thing” that speaks to your Divine Assignment.      

I was just talking about this in my Bootcamp Boss Academy group coaching program where I noticed one of my sister coaches was not stepping fully into her assignment as a Coach. When I see her talk about Coaching entrepreneurs, I can see her eye sparkle but I felt that there's still something holding her back from Coaching.

Let me pause here...get you a coach that CARES because a Coach that cares pays attention to the needs of their clients. 

Good coaches don't just build around the skillset but also build up your mind and soul.

Ok...back to the mistakes to avoid to be an effective Coach...


2. Not switching to a Group Coaching format

You are NOT going to be able to scale in terms of income, impact, or influence by sticking with 1:1.

Group Coaching really is my JAM and I could talk about the benefits for hours but I have one better for y’all. May 30 - June 3, 2022 (7pm - 8pm Eastern), I am hosting my next Group Coaching Blueprint Challenge

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Here’s what you can get from the VIP Experience:

  • 5 Days of how to create 5-figure launches on demand and become successful at building our an eco-system in your business by operating in a group coaching business model with Coach Kelly J and her amazing team
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  • Turn New Leads Into Customers Program
  • The 3 Key Components of a Great Coaching Offer
  • How To Build Out Your Coaching Practice With Webinars & Workshops
  • And much more!


3. Trying to wear ALL of the hats 

You think this is going to save you money but all it's gonna do is give you a headache from trying to be wonder woman.

I know you are great but it's also okay to ask for help so you can be a great and efficient Coach. Find you a TEAM that works best for what you need and the stress will immediately disappear. 

Ready to continue to learn more? Join me at my next Group Coaching Blueprint Challenge.

Registration available at www.GroupCoachingBlueprintChallenge.com

We want to see who will be in the room! DM us the word “Decide” to let us know you will be joining the next Challenge. My page is @CoachKellyJ and the Team page is @CoachKellyJTeam


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