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Earlier this month I had a virtual interview with about who is Coach Kelly J. 


Before the video started, we spoke briefly about foundations of growing up.

Growing up, I think the most important quality I got from my family is that my mom always allowed me to dream. She taught us that you can be anyone you want to be if you put your mind to it. This was big for a country girl like me. We may not have been rich is cash value, but I was very rich in moral and values, they made me believe that i could fly if thats what I wanted to do.


As you may have expected, we elaborated on how these same qualities transitioned into establishing relationships with partners. 

From my experience you and the person you share a space with, whether this be family, spouse, or partner, they need to know what your assignment is in this life and what season you are in that assignment. 

This will make sure everyone has a sort of patience and understanding for what is expected from each other. 


Additionally, you two need to come together to form the supportive spouse role. 25 plus years ago, I didn't know what an entrepreneur was so when my now husband told me he was an entrepreneur when I met him, I was confused. It didn't seem normal to me.

That one element not seeming normal to me made me reflect on the fact that most women have a checklist their potential spouses must measure up to even before you meet!


Isn't that crazy?


But I'm not sorry to say that I had my own list of the qualities to look for in a partner...


My first is someone who can contribute to table. They need to match my qualities of tenacity and consistency. They need to be someone who allows themselves to dream, someone who allows themselves to think something is possible because if they think it is possible, they can make it possible, and finally someone who is NOT so rigid. And as I am saying it out loud now these much of the same beliefs I experienced in my childhood.

It's funny to think that must of our childhood and how. we were raised is unwillingly engrained into the people we are today.

And it's now our fault. Is it not our “fault” how we were raised but we have to be willing to grow and think about things differently if they are not serving us.


Y'all are not going to believe what this made me remember.


Back when I was was working in corporate America, I remember believing I had it all worked out. But BOY was I wrong. I had the degrees, I had the good job, I had the house, I had the husband, I had the kids, I even had the dog but I knew I was missing something but these were the goals that I learned from how I grew up so what was I missing.

My husband knew what I was missing and because he was already an entrepreneur he would always urge me to consider it for myself. He saw the greatness in me before I saw it in myself! Now don't get it twisted, this doesn't mean I had low self esteem but my husband helped me unlock how to define success.

I say this because I want to tell my strong women out there to allow the man in your life to speak into you to help you become greater. Allow them to partake in your life even if you are a strong woman. 


I listened, I thought and I prayed and I was finally ready to make that leap. I decided to be a Coach. 

I don't know how many times I have shared the real reason I decided to be a Coach but once I made the decision to try out entrepreneurship, I had to look into my divine assignment. 

I knew I wanted to help women not just look good but be and become good because if you can change the life of a woman, you change a community. I believe that women are pillars in the community so they change is seen all around!


 "Were you afraid to step into coaching?"


Ummm I would say yes and no. I was already known in the world as a successful business owner so i thought it was going to be an easy transition, but it wasn't. 

I want emphasize that although I am successful now, it wasn't easy when I started but I pushed through.

I had to go back to become known for changing lives.

11 years later, look at me now, Coach Kelly J, the Coaches Coach!


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