Build your Authority Faster as a Coach

How to Become an Authority as a Coach. 

If you want to really take the industry by storm, I have 3 ways for you to become an authority figure FASTER.


1. Do 30 Days of Livestream Content

Usually when I give this tip many people think they can't. Every time I have to tell them they only can't in their own head.

You have to sit down and take on the challenge and watch how you change through the process.


2. Create a High Value E-book and Give it away for FREE!

Why give it away for free?

When people are unaware of who you are, you need to get your content and the feel of your expertise out in the marketplace. This lets people who don't know you get to know you and what you do. 


3. Host a FREE Live Weekly Class 

This can be on the same subject or a variation of different subjects on what you teach.

Break it down and spread your message out to 30 minute segments.

Before long people are going to wonder how to go deeper with you.

We dont chase after clients...clients chase after us!!!


My team and I teach everyday coaches how to go from a 1:1 business model to a group coaching business model because group coaching is the ONLY way to scale your coaching program. 


VIP Platinum is the BEST way to experience the challenge. You are able to join the Clarity Session Zoom Room. Come get your questions answered and get clarity around your specific journey as a coach.⁠

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