Closing a client in 7 minutes or LESS!


In my years of coaching clients and now coaching coaches I know a little something about client work. 

Sometimes I have all this information that I do give away FREE here, and on my socials but the real gems come from my classes, workshops, and retreats (wink wink).

But I'm going to give you one of those gems here today. 


From years of experience I know that the BEST most EFFECTIVE way to retain clients is to really attract them. Now those who have been around for awhile know I have discussed how to create clients.

  1. Awareness --> make sure your clients know who you are, what you do, why you are taking up space before you try to sell them anything
  2. Attraction --> once they become aware of you, you have to be like-able and, attractive to your clients 
  3. Alignment --> the way you make yourself aligned with people is to share your stories. Something happened to get you from where you started to where you are now and they are there now. 

Now once you have created your client through your online content you need to get them on the phone.

This is the tricky part.

You now have 7 minutes to close.

Take a breath, set a timer, GO!


I know some of y'all are thinking I'm a crazy lady but this is a skill that I teach in one of my higher level programs and it works! 


I gave you how to attract clients but now you need to learn how to have the conversation to convert them to paying clients after you have attracted them.

I teach this in a role play way with live mock client work with someone in the audience.

They are given the framework, we time them, and critique.

The critique involves where they messed up, where they could have gone in deeper, things they did correct, things they could edit, Questions they should NOT have asked, Questions they should have asked, etc.

You get sharp at how to have that conversation quickly and you'll be able to tell if they can be your potential client. 

Not magic it’s a skillset!!! 


Now I'm going to say something crazy!


I only, ONLY teach this skillset during my in-person retreats.

This is the same reason that you can watch a church sermon on tv but when you're in the actual room you can feel the message better.


AND I want to make sure the people who have invested to be here, leave changed.

As a coach you are a leader so as you lead people you are also learning how to surrender to your assignment and I know my assignment is to help people help themselves. 


Let me help you next!

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