Coaching Someone Through Stress and a Fast Paced Season of Life


Great coaching is asking powerful questions and holding space for your client when you do... 


This is the most successful approach when coaching someone through stress and a fast paced season of life.

Here are some questions to ask someone dealing with stress:


  •  Where is your stress level right now ?
  •  When was the last time your stress level was significantly lower….and what changed?
  •  What would it be like if you were still experiencing this type of stress a year from now…how about 3 years from now ?
  •  Let's try to get in touch with what your emotions are saying to you ? (Listen close here. This calendar method can be used for anyone even if you're not stressed....right now 😜)
  •  What is your body saying about your pace?
  •  What are the people who are close to you saying about your stress level and/or your pace of life ?
  •  What do you gain from living in an adrenaline fueled life?


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