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TODAY is Day One of my NLP Master Practitioner RE-Certification training in Tampa, Florida.
I’m already Master Certified NLP Practitioner but I initially took it online years ago but wanted to take it again in-person.
The training is 10-hour days. I feel super sleepy but pushing through. 👀
When I arrived this morning to check-in for the 14 days of intense in-person training, I AGAIN noticed there were no people of color. 😩
I was initially hesitant about posting about it and giving a voice to this topic because I believe the science of NLP and MER is not understood in the African-American community/culture…so it wouldn’t be received well. Buuuut, if the art & science of it was understood, it would be a game changer for the culture. 🥰
After a quick chat with my hubby & daughter, I decided that it’s more important to bring awareness around what the science of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) & mental emotional release (MER) is and how it can help anyone with a true desire to become the best version of themselves.
More later, my 15-minute break is over.
For now, if you’ve never heard of it, look it up. I’ll be teaching more about it soon. 💕
P.S. Lean in to shifting your beliefs so it can change your life…and legacy.