Fighting the Perfectionism Spirit

Do you ever feel as if your perfectionism spirit is stopping you from fully leaning into your Coaching practice?


Last week, I sat down with Coach ksa and we discussed the perfectionism spirit.

November 2021, Coach ksa came into my 5-day Group Coaching Blueprint Challenge and it CHANGED. HER. LIFE.

It can change yours too.


Like many of us, Coach ksa considered herself a perfectionist. And before we met, that perfectionism spirit was stopping her from fully leaning into her Coaching business. 


I was there too! I was stuck thinking everything had to be perfect before I started. Thinking back, I was hesitant, not for the lack of knowledge, but rather my need for everything to be perfect.

The idea is similar to wanting to drive from my house in Georgia allll the way to New York City, but I was waiting until all the lights turned green.

How crazy does that sound?!

I don't know if y'all are ready to hear this but that's what waiting to be perfect sounds's impossible!!


I’m hoping this conversation with Coach ksa can help someone relate to her journey. We've ALL been there.

This next part gets juicy...I asked my client the questions all Coaches want to ask.

I don't want to put words in Coach ksa's mouth so here are the questions I asked, but you'll have to listen for her answers...and they are GOOD!


What were the biggest issues with trying to reach your goals before joining the Group Coaching Blueprint Challenge?

What were the hesitations you had before joining my program?

What made you say Coach Kelly J was the right coach for you?

What has excited you the most with your results thus far?

What has become possible?

What is someone missing out on by putting off their decision to start?


The same program Coach ksa joined when she first met me is happening again next week, Monday, May 30th - Friday, June 3rd.

My 5-Day Group Coaching Blueprint Challenge is going to teach you the value of what you do and provides you with a similar transformation to what you just heard!

Get in the room with me and my Team! A limited number of VIP tickets will be sold. Seriously.⁠ 🥰⁠

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