How to create a group coaching business


We live in an age where coaching, courses, and in person conventions are the new wave to grow your brand and bottom line.

Being an apprentice to the right coach or (better yet) being in the right circle can have exponential impact on your life. Kelly Jefferson (Coach Kelly J) teaches the people that reach the people. As the Coaches Coach, she teaches how to transition from 1:1 coaching to a group coaching business model to increase your influence, impact, and income.

In this episode we discuss:

- Her process of navigating through being CURIOUS VS. SERIOUS with life change.

- The power of getting in environments of people operating at higher levels than you.

- How a person’s mind is primed to take action after being presented an offer for coaching.

- Why people come for CONTENT but stay for COMMUNITY.

- Why GROUP COACHING is the ONLY WAY ( major keys dropped here).

- PREMIUM BUYERS: How to attract them and add value to them. And so much more!