I'm a bit nervous about this...

About 8 months ago I signed AJ and I up for Camp BYLR (Build Your Life Resume) with @jesseitzler ...It’s an adult camping weekend that had a decent element of physical activity. There’s also business training and life strategy segments... ...not sure how the time snuck on me this quickly but it starts TODAY....join me in my IG stories (@CoachKellyJ) as I document what it means to get outside of your comfort zone. It’s cold as North Pole and raining here in Georgia. 😱 I’m a tad nervous but WILLING to lean in to the process and what will become a weekend #TheJs will log in the books of #lifeadventures 💚💚💚

P.S. DO something today to push you outside of your comfort zone. That's where growth lives...

Here's to a good life if I don't make it....lol....I'll be fine....hopefully....maybe...maybe not...YES, I WILL! I GOT THIS! :)




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