Making your Mark on the World


Making your Mark on the World

I had the opportunity to speak to a client who stated that she wanted to bring the art of coaching to her country.

You heard me right. Not her city. Not her county. Not her state but her WHOLE country. 

I'm amazed me but at the same time reminded me that CHANGE or the urge to change all starts with a decision.


This made me reflect back on my life in corporate America.

As many of you know, I worked a good job with a good salary and good benefits. 

This rotational lifestyle of work, home, sleep, work was just not enough to fulfill me. 


I yearned for more and I wanted to build it for myself.

The problem with corporate America is that companies try to pay for compliance with good salaries and better benefits.

They buy us. Employees sitting around, not ruffling any feathers and not wanting to change.


We continue to be emotionally stagnant.

Nothing is really wrong but you are not feeling fulfilled. Fulfilled in what Coach?!

Your heart is just not happy!

Your body is physically sitting in your cubicle, day in and day out, but your heart is somewhere else.


Some people want to dream bigger.

I wanted to dream bigger. YOU are here because you are dreaming bigger.


Now coach Kelly, you are giving me all this wisdom but not telling me where to start. 

Your first step is to FIND and LEARN from someone who was in your exact same shoes.

Next step, PAY them for their expertise.


And before you get scared to open your wallet and spend that $295 for the blueprint remember.

Pricing is part of the brand. You have to understand what money is really used for.

If you ask me, money is used to make more money. and YOU are the one thing that is standing in between between now and your next level to make your mark on the world.


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