Ready to break out of ‘cubicle life’ and tap into your true calling?

How long have you been considering leaving your full-time job to make your side hustle your main thing?

It took me two years from the time I started my 'hobby' until I realized I couldn't fully operate in my calling until I got fully aligned with my true purpose and that meant walking away from my six-figure government job. 

Thinking back, it sounds like I was in a mid-life crisis!!

I mean Criminal Justice and Psychology IS what I went to college to do AND I landed a great job at the Department of Justice fresh out of college. Most newbie college grads would have given their right arm for the opportunity that Summa Cum Laude and the blood of Jesus afforded me...;).

Not bragging but heck, I put in the late study nights AND had a baby on my hip since freshman year (but that's another story for another day). Oh, and I don't drink coffee. It was the DRIVE to make my mark in this life that kept me going and STILL keeps me going now. 

Ya know, we all have seasons that serve their purpose for a time but because we allow ourselves to be dominated by the infamous 'comfort zone', we stay there because there's nothing overtly wrong.

What really wrong is not living a life that allows you to COME ALIVE every single day!

I remember like it was yesterday. Many people called me crazy for 'messing up a good thing', and I get it....




I believed it too, for almost 20 years...

Until one day I decided that it was time to take the leap and do what I was called to do and that was speaking into the lives of people that are yearning for their next level, they just need guidance on how to get there. 

The mindset...

The strategy...

The community of encouragement...

The like-mindedness (is that a word?...welp, it is

Watch TODAY'S VIDEO and know that you are MADE FOR MORE!


My next new program 'YOUR NEXT LEVEL' will be releasing soon. I don't have all the details yet but I already know it's going to be a 6-week online Intensive (with a private Facebook group for support) to help you get to your next level. SIGN UP HERE to be the first to get notified when this online program is open for enrollment.

A Few of the topics I already know we're going to cover in 'Your Next Level':

  • Getting paid to be YOU
  • Tapping into your higher calling
  • How to live on purpose and WITH purpose
  • How to have trust yourself in the decisions you make
  • Setting value-based goals
  • Being present in the now and I THIS is one of the key things to get you to the next level
  • Unlocking your dreams