Summer 2022 Coach Kelly J Retreat

We just wrapped up the Coach Kelly J Summer 2022 Coaching Retreat Weekend in Atlanta, GA.

Let me give you a quick rundown of what you missed...


We started exploring Value Solicitation, leaning into the most important areas of our life and focusing on that for the weekend. ⁠

I facilitated a mental emotional release (MER) session with one of the clients and showed how it can help anyone with a true desire to become the best version of themselves. ⁠

EXPANSION clients observed the physiology of their peers as we took a deeper look into their specific coaching program. 

The coaches in the room practiced overcoming their personal limits through role play coaching⁠.⁠ The activity brings confidence to the coach on their ability to bring clarity and connection to their soulmate client.⁠


We ended today with a board breaking activity. On the front of the board, we wrote the outcomes we want. On the back, we wrote all the obstacles we FEEL are standing in our way. ⁠

The goal was to push through the obstacles to get to the outcome.⁠..and the BREAKTHROUGH was real. (Catch the recap on Instagram @CoachKellyJ)

I cannot put words to what I have witnessed. If you were the room, you already know. 🙏🏾

18 ladies came together to learn from each other, pour into each other, and step into their next level of Coaching.


I want to continue bringing this transformation to my community. For a LIMITED TIME, I am gifting an offer to my 90-Day Accelerator Program. Normally, the program is priced at $7,500. Today ONLY it will be $5k. 

This offer is only available for FULL PAY, enter code Summer2022 at checkout.


If you have been thinking about getting in the room and want to step into an energetic space that allows you to grow, now is the time.