Why YOU should make the switch to Group Coaching


1:1 Coaching vs. Group Coaching

When you first go into the coaching industry you need to have a steady flow of 3-5 clients in a 1:1 program before you transition to group coaching.


I say this because you first need to get comfortable with that personal, client interaction, and comfortable with yourself and what you deliver and the transition your program will provide. 


Once your clients increase you will not be able to keep up!


I promise. I've been there.


If you connect with your clients like I do, coaching from a spirit led place, after a long day of coaching you feel like you have just worked out. Exhausted after every session because you are the vessel and the information just flowed through you.


I know the secret to changing that.

Let me break it down for you.


1:1 Coaching

- Great... but there’s a certain element of your client feeling isolated. They miss out on the community exchange from group coaching.

- Your client may not be as dedicated from when they first started. Time drains both coaches and clients.

- You have to make multiple calls a day, EVERYDAY so that you are able to thrive (salary wise).


Group Coaching

- You put your clients in a very supportive environment. The community environment makes clients push themselves further faster.

- You can collapse the amount of output that you have as a coach. Instead of 8 hours of 1:1 clients, you can have 8 clients in 1 hour.

- You have the potential to impact clients in less time and increase your revenue.


Still don't believe me? Stay until the end to hear real accolades from my client. 


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