The Easiest way to 5-Figure Launches!

Coach Kelly J
The Easiest way to 5-Figure Launches!

Let's talk 5-figure launches...


1. You have to create intrigue in your business FIRST.

Think about your coaching business as a movie, create a trailer into your programs.

2. When you are building that intrigue, also build a waiting list.

Show up everyday so people will be waiting to hear what you have to say!

3..... Well, I really started to flow here and forgot to give y’all #3 🤣🤣. 


I still want to give y'all the structure of how to host a successful workshop. 

There are 3 key pieces of information to give your clients in your workshop...

What you did.

How you did it .

The METHODOLOGY on how you transformed .


Let your clients see themselves in your methodology. Discuss how it worked for you and then how it will work for them.

FINALLY, after experiencing the transformation, lead those clients you connected with to your extended experiences!!!

I even give you the pricing to reach 5 figure launches if you listen to the end, AND this weekend I am giving you my updated recommended pricing and tools you need to succeed during my next virtual workshop.

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