The One BIG THING to Increase Client Enrollment

Have you ever wondered if there's just ONE thing that can increase your client enrollment?

Yes of course! It's not rocket science but it is easy to overlook

That one thing is: Only entertaining people who are HOT and ready to go.


Let me start over. Every coach solves a problem.

That's the easy part. 

As a coach, when you come into the marketplace you have to be clear on the problem you solve.

The marketplace is compromised of 3 Groups of people that you have to target differently with your content.

- Group A: People who are not problem aware.

- Group B: People who are aware they have the problem but are NOT looking for a solution.

- Group C: People who are aware of the problem and they are actively looking for a solution. 


I want to quickly talk about messaging for each of these groups.

Most people only market to Group C but that doesn't work and let me show you why.

- In Group A because of their unawareness it is your job as a coach to put out content to make them aware of what their problem is. This not only helps Group A but it also brings awareness to YOUR brand. 

- Group B, this is where you agitate the issue. Value and education is important to Group B. Your messaging is should hit them in their soul. 

-Group C is at the stage where people are warm enough for you to invite to a phone call. All your call to actions should be directed to Group C...Something like this that brings them in. 

I go in here and give you a real world example of how to use this business model but you have to listen to grasp it.


Overall, it doesn't have to be complicated. Speak to everyone. Your content should be so good it elicits a response.  


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