The power of the unconscious mind is so powerful.

Day 8 of 14 of NLP Master Practitioner RE-Certification in Tampa, FL is complete!

It was actually Day One of Week 2.

The deep-dive Mental & Emotional Release™️ (MER) training was 🔥🔥🔥!!

The power of the unconscious mind is so powerful. It preserves & runs the body but it’s also the domain of our emotions.

The unconscious is where you remember your childhood phone number and how to tie to shoes and talk at the same time. It seems there is no thought going on….but there is…unconsciously.

The intriguing thing is that there’s so many OTHER things that are on going on in the operating system of your unconscious mind that are not positively serving or supporting your life & business goals.

It takes a trained practitioner to unlock that part of you that likely happened years ago…or even past down to you from a previous generation(s). 👀

It sounds crazy but there’s tons of studies that show how things can unconsciously be passed down several generations back. 😩😨

We talk about generational curses?!

This is some heavy stuff, yo!

I’m bringing this awareness to the community. 🙏🏽

I’m determined to facilitate a shift in the way we think and operate as a culture.

Generational curses (you may or may not be aware of) will be removed.

Blockages in the areas of career, physical health, relationship, personal growth & development, spirituality, and family WILL BE REMOVED.

Whew! 💃🏽

During one of the partner exercise with another student in the class, we had to make some sort of goal/commitment.

Mine was to take 25 clients through the mental and emotional release (MER) process by the end of the year.

This is not a free service, but you already knew that. 😉

If you want to be added to my waitlist, send me a message on my Instagram (@CoachKellyJ) with one of the above focus areas you’d like a breakthrough in and we’ll take it from there!