The REAL Reason for Low or No Enrollments in your Coaching Program

This may be a little bit harsh but y’all need to know the truth 

Here are just a few reasons for LOW or NO enrollments in your Coaching Program.


1: Confidence. When you are not showing up 100% confident, people wont attach.

People wont attach to low confidence!


2: Not showing up as your authentic self.  You are not clear... 

Not clear on your purpose, not clear on the path for your clients, not clear on the people you are meant to serve, not clear on the problem you serve, not clear on what makes you the obvious choice.


2.5: Thinking there is only ONE way. Here's a secret, there's not. 

One way to be more confident is to stop feeling like you have to show up in the “correct way”


Listen around 32:15 to see EXACTLY what I mean.


3: You'e still lukewarm. This one is for those of you somewhere in the middle of being confident and not confident.

You are NOT all the way in ! 


When you have a Plan B, you've lost confidence in Plan A and you let Plan B have a louder voice than Plan A.


This is just the foundation.

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