The REAL reason that keeps you from going to your next level.


The REAL reason that keeps you from going to your next level.


Why most people will never make it, It's not what you think.

...It's not because you dont have the money or time.

...It's not because you dont have the goals time or focus BUT 

...The real reason most people dont make is because they dont fully decide. 


The people who are not making it, waffle back and forth in their decisions.


They are indecisive!


The voice of their old self is holding back and contradicting the voice of their NEW self.


I've seen this in my own programs.

And the thing that always baffles me is when people are amazed by my programs but are not joined because they have another Coach.


BUT here's the secret. Apparently something is still missing which is why you came to take my class!!

Think about that. 


Even I have more than one coach and thats okay.

It's not about being "loyal" to your Coach, you have to fully invest in what you need to step into your next level and that may be TWO COACHING PROGRAMS.


Another thing I have experienced when speaking to a prospect client is on the phone is they dont know what their real issue is.


Now this is NOT the problem.

This I can help with. I help to see what needs to happen to get them to the next level and change the director of her life.


The problem occurs when you share your price. You share that price and some people will say I’m not paying that... "Its a scam".

The real scam is that you are 40 to 50 years old and not fully leaning into your assignment, still broke.


Broke in spirit.

Broke in hope.

Broke in value.


We can help to start to change this by also teaching mindset and beliefs to our clients.

I know I had to learn a new mindset when I first started so I teach my clients to do so as well.

Thats the first step to fully deciding and being all in.


When you are all in you figure it out.

When your mindset is all in YOU figure it out to make it work time wise, money wise, life wise. everything.


Another reason that keeps you from your next level is plan B. 

Stop with the plan B. Most people never conquer plan A because they give plan B too much merit.

Showing they are simply not ALL in.


If your commitment level continues to waiver so will your results! 

If you are walking around with a bunch of “what ifs” in your mind, you stopped just short of going all in.


Fighting that feeling is showing that you are not letting fear make mental decisions.

Fear CANNOT pay for happiness.

It is never going to get you where you want to be in life.


Learn to combat those mindset blockages and become the person who is is trying to reach those goals.


I want you to reach those goals alongside of me. If you didn't already know, I am hosting a a program this week. My Group Coaching Blueprint Challenge when I am teaching to scale your business to the next level.


The first day was yesterday but it's still not too late.

It's time to step into your next level. 


Registration is available here or at

See you soon!