The Things You Don’t Realize You Need to Know...


In case you needed to hear this:

Keep going no matter where you are in your journey.

An experience I learned in my own won't start blowing up the marketplace until you've niched down to focus on one main specialty. 

Now this doesn't mean that you can't have multiple skills but you need to choose just ONE to focus on. 

I say this because in building your brand, the content needs to be targeted so the person who it is meant to reach can really feel it in their heart.


Speaking of building a brand, let's talk about it for a moment.

First let me say, don't give up. 

When you're along the journey it's going to feel as if life is going so fast and you're trying to keep up ....thats normal!


Metaphorically life is like a plant.

You have to plant the seeds, and water the seeds you've planted.

Stay with me here.

You have to be in places. You have to be in rooms. You have to not be in the back of those rooms. You have to collab. You have to give your cards. You have to connect, share instagrams, etc. 

All of these "things" are water for the seeds you planted. 


The problem I see within my community is most people plant the seeds, water, and expect a plant the next day. You have to wait.

You're not waiting doing nothing. While you are waiting you have to continue to water for YOUR time to harvest.


If you plant it, water it, and nourish it, it can't not grow.

Yes, I know that's a double negative but you know what I mean. 

This is the same when you're in your winning season, you can't not win.

We were all made for our divine assignment but you have to believe you are worthy.

The real bag is knowing who you are.

Who you flourish as, as you're in the journey. 

And sometimes at that moment your assignment is not always all about you. At times, it's my job to be a leader to connect people to other people.

In these moments it's also important to remember not to fall back because it's not your winning season. KEEP WATERING. The harvest is coming.


The real win is who you blossom into along the journey. 


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