Where to Start as a Coach...

Coach Kelly J
Where to Start as a Coach...

Ok, so this is an oldie but the message still stands...

No matter where you are in your journey... 

...whether you're just starting out as a Coach OR you're already a Coach and now you want to scale...

You NEED to have a framework for building out a solid Coaching program.


"Framework...what in the world is that?!"


A framework is the formula you use to take your clients from point A to point B.

It should also include the step by step of HOW you're going to get your clients there.

In all of my programs and for all of my clients, from the new to the experienced Coaches, I use my signature framework that I created called the P6 Coaching Formula. 

The P6 Coaching Formula is 6 key elements that EVERY coaching business MUST HAVE. It's how you build a solid foundation in your coaching practice...and it's how you KEEP it:

1. Philosophy

2. Product

3. People

4. Platform

5. Process

6. Positioning 


Once YOU as a coach understand the importance of creating a framework and how it will help your clients, the rest is history. 

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