Your next level starts with shifting your beliefs

Day 4 of 14 of NLP Master Practitioner RE-Certification in Tampa, FL is complete!

The 10-hour days are long but the content and deeper level strategies being taught reeeaaally started coming together for me today. 😍
I got a great refresher on a ninja concept that is designed to help someone who is stuck between two things and having a difficult time deciding which one to choose. It’s all directly aligned with their core values. Once you identify that, you can guide your clients to deciding which one is the best option.
This NLP & MRE work is so SO good!
I’ll be rolling out some of these techniques and timeless methodologies with my EXPANSION clients at our Summer 2022 retreat next month.
The EXPANSION level registration is closed. You may grab your *limited* general session tickets on the link in my bio or click here: