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I've got an insider secret

HEY YOU! I’ve got an Insider Secret!  Wanna know how I create my products and courses and fine tune them to fit my clients wants, needs, and desires....and address everything they struggle with....even stuff they don’t know at the surface level?

Watch my stories. I just shared my simple, super old school, free-for-all process. It’s not anything fancy like you might be thinking. 

The process I shared in my stories is the mapping out of my new online course: “How To Become a Life Coach in 2020”. It’s a 30-Day Bootcamp held 100% online.

We start April 13, 2020.

I know you’re probably thinking you need a certification to get paid as a coach. The insider secret is that you don’t. 

I’m teaching everything you need to know and DO to position yourself as an authority in your space and start taking on clients and get paid to help folks. 

You’re probably also thinking this 30-Day Bootcamp costs a bunch...

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If you're looking for a sign, this is it

There’s a lot of ‘increase your skill set’ memes floating around the internet to wisely use all the ‘free time’ that seems to not be coming to an end anytime soon.

For some, you may not even know which direction to to go or how to begin in acquiring a new skillset.
Here’s a thought...have you ever been through anything ‘trying’ in your life but you’ve been able to overcome it?

Yes, of course you have. Guess what? You can ‘coach’ someone through that same thing...AND get paid for it.

Learn how to become a life coach in as little as 30 days and get paid for it without having to be certified.

Click the link below to get the replay of this 2+ hour online workshop:

There’s a lot of ‘increase your skill set’ memes floating around the internet to wisely use all the ‘free time’ that seems to not be coming to an end anytime soon.

For some, you may not even know which direction to to go or how to...

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This blog post will teach you how to set up an automated workflow in your business

Automating your business is so vital to being able to grow and scale without creating more work for yourself.

Automating your business starts with basically thinking about the journey you want a new potential client to go through from the time they come to know who you are until they become a paying client and beyond. This could be when they buy a low-cost digital product or when they enroll in a higher-end program. That relationship has to start somewhere and that's what we are going to talk about today.

The most common way someone goes from not know you exist to pulling out their wallet is by creating free but valuable content for them and giving it to them in exchange for their email address.

They content is called an 'opt-in' or a 'freebie' or a 'lead magnet'....they all mean the same thing and they are how the key to how the ball gets rolling to get new people into your coaching program.

Here's an example of an automated work flow to get clients...

1. Someone sees your daily...

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Does your definition of success need to be reset?

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Watch this before you set your next goal

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Keisha needs to focus on what she's good at

Keisha is so good and what she does! Seriously, ask anybody that knows her and she'll tell you that nobody makes better pastries than her in all of Philly!

The thing that holds Keisha back is all the things that a thriving business must have to continue to grow in today's world.

One of those things is newsletters, which means she needs to be collecting emails addresses so she can stay in contact with her customers on a consistent basis.

Keisha is not doing bad at sales because everyone in the neighborhood knows about her pastries and loves them BUT, until she positions herself for growth, she'll stay at that same level. She could be doing so much better if she was collecting the email addresses of her current customers and emailing them about her weekly specials.

It may even allow her to streamline operations by only baking 3 specific speciality items each week instead of making whatever people order. Running her business like that has worked for the most part but it keeps her going...

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