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Are You Using Pinterest in Your Business?

Pinterest is an awesome visual social platform that is increasingly becoming a powerful source of customers for online store owners. Since it’s primarily a visual experience, it’s a great place for your product photos to shine. The key is to tap into your creativity in to get it to work for you. If you can find your place amongst all the noise, it's well worth it. Statistics show that visitors referred from Pinterest are 10 percent more likely to make a purchase from you.

The easiest thing you can do to drive brand awareness and eventually sales to your website is to let your visitors do the “pinning” for you. By installing the Pinterest pin button to your product pages, your website visitors can post images from your online store to Pinterest. This is a great strategy since you’re getting a third party endorsement from outside your company. Keep pushing! #DreamBigger #CoachKellyJ 

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What Does Success Mean To You?

What does success mean to you? Many people consider success as having lots of money. Others consider success as being in a position that allows you to do what you love & make money while doing it. Give it some thought. Know in your heart what success truly means to you.

Being able to define and have a conscious understanding of what success looks like for YOU as an entrepreneur will help you begin to shape your overall goals. Is having lots of $$$ your measure of success? Is success the ability to change lives with your product or service?? Is success the freedom to do as you please and not have to report to a boss??

Dig deep ....KNOW what your definition of success is so you'll know when you've reached it.

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Be Sure To Know Your 'Elevator Pitch' At The Drop of a Dime

Whether you are out at an entrepreneurship conference, mingling with friends, or you just so happen to know somebody who knows somebody who's able to help you take your company to the next level, you'll get this question: "What do you do for a living?" Or, "what is your company about?"

This is the perfect opportunity, not to necessarily "sell" your business but to make people want to know more about you and your company. The infamous "Elevator Pitch" was created for just such an occasion.

An elevator pitch is a conversation or an ice breaker, that will (hopefully) lead into a deeper dialogue about the functionality, and speciality, of what you and your company can offer.

In practice you typically have just 60 seconds to leave an exciting, impactful and meaningful impression with whomever you come in contact with. So make them count.

This week, we'll review 5 tips that can help you develop your pitch:

1. Make them care. People can be kind, loving and caring, but sometimes it really...

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Connections Are Everything!


People email me all the time and ask to 'pick my brain' and offer to buy me lunch. My response is "I have a $750 per hour brain-picking fee and I'll buy your lunch". That stops most of the smoochers in their tracks. Some people 'get it' and some don't..... CONNECTIONS ARE EVERYTHING.

Take a moment to list your top ten most powerful connections (the people who can make things happen, and make things happen for you). Then ask yourself, "What have I done for these people lately?"....If the answer is 'nothing', take a moment to regroup, self-reflect, and see what YOU can do to make a strong business connection TODAY. #ItMatters 

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7 Things You Probably Don't Need As a New Business Owner

When things are tight, or you’re just starting out, it’s especially important to spend your money wisely.

Here are 7 things you probably don’t need (especially at the beginning):

1. A Custom Website. There are a lot awesome template-based websites available at reasonable prices. I have used Shopify from the very beginning and have customized it along the way!

2. Expedited shipping. Can you wait another day or two for that box of inventory or supplies? Save yourself some money and avoid high shipping charges, unless you absolutely must have the items within the next day or so to keep things afloat. (and order earlier next time).

3. Advertising without a plan. This one right here…..! Facebook ads work like a charm, but ONLY if you know what you’re doing. The key is to REALLY hone in on your target market and advertise to just those people.

4. Office supplies that you’ll never use. Please madam, not every business needs paper clips, staplers, hole...

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Have you taken time to find the thing that sets you on 🔥?

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Wanna launch or grow a business but fear is holding you back? Check out the 'Business Bundle'.

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Live Q & A - Episode One

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A Huge Announcement!


A few hours later...


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