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5 Mistakes That Cause New Habits to Fail

Habits are the key. Simply put, your habits determine how much money is in your bank account and the size of your waistline.

Your habits determine the quality of your life.

It can seem impossible to break bad habits or to create new, positive habits. Most people have an ineffective approach. They try to go cold turkey and rely on willpower to force the necessary changes.

You already know this doesn’t work unless you’re incredibly motivated, and motivation isn’t reliable. It’s here one day and gone the next.

Create new habits more effectively by avoiding the most common mistakes: 

  1. Changing too much, too soon. A new habit is best installed in baby steps. If you want to spend two hours each day writing your novel, start with a single sentence each day. One sentence accomplishes something exciting: it gets you in the habit of sitting down and writing when it’s time to write. That’s the most important first step.
  • Start with small changes. Then...
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5 Types of Sales Offers To Help You Sell More Stuff


You will get better results from your marketing efforts if you craft powerful offers.

Offers are special deals that you promote to customers in order to make your product and/or service offerings more irresistible to them.

Good offers will drive more new customers to you, and also drive past customers back to you.

There are five basic types of offers as follows:

  1. Free Offers & Free Trials

A free offer could include a free information piece (e.g., special report). Or it could be a free trial of your product or service. 

By giving something of value away for free, you will encourage prospective customers to try your product or service. Then you can influence them to become paying customers. 

  1. Guarantee Offers

Guarantees give customers the confidence that your product or service will meet their needs. They are also known as “risk reversal” in that they put the risk of customer dissatisfaction on you and not the customer. This results in more customer...

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Stop! Before You Raise Your Rates...Do This

In every coach’s life, there comes a time when you simply have to raise your rates. Maybe you’ve been in business for years without a pay increase. Maybe your skills have recently improved through a new training course or certification. Or maybe you just want to attract a higher caliber of client.

Whatever the reason, it pays to have a plan in place before you make your big announcement. Here’s where to start.

First, take a look at your current clients. Will you raise their rates as well? If the answer is no, then you have to consider if keeping them will be worth your time, or if you’ll feel resentful at the amount of (lower paid) time you are spending with them. Resentment can build up, so be wary of this. It’s better to raise their rates than provide substandard services due to hidden anger.

If the answer is yes, then you have to prepare yourself for potential fallout. Simply put, there are some clients (you likely know who they are) who will balk...

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4 Steps to Freedom: Eliminate Habits That Smother Your Dreams

 Why is it so difficult to break our bad habits?

This is especially frustrating when it comes to the habits that stand in the way of accomplishing our dreams.

The best of intentions seem to be defeated on a regular basis. Life doesn't have to work this way, however.

Nearly everyone has a behavioral thing they don't like about themselves. Whether it’s eliminating our debt, getting healthier, or to stop being late, there's always that one challenge we can't seem to beat.

In many cases, the answer is quite simple, yet most people lack awareness of it: We simply don't handle our stress and boredom in an effective and healthy manner.

Many of our bad habits are simply ways that we've learned to deal with being stressed or bored. It would be great if someone had taught us how to deal with these negative feelings, unfortunately, most of our parents weren't taught either.

How many of these essentially worthless behaviors do you partake in on a regular basis?

  1. Internet surfing
  2. ...
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4 Creative Ways to Increase Your Attention to Detail

Do some of the finer details about your job and personal life escape you?

Are there some things that you seem to continue to overlook?

You're likely frustrated by not being able to get everything right, especially the simple things.

It could be that what's affecting you is a lack of attention to detail. It's not that you want to overlook things. It's probably that the details just slip your mind at the moment.

The great news is that it's possible to increase your attention to detail so not as many things slip your mind at inopportune times.

Develop these four simple strategies for ensuring greater attention to detail:

  1. Start with a checklist. Perhaps one of the easiest ways to ensure all details are captured is to make a checklist. Ideally, have your list ready before you begin a task.
  • Once you're done, go back to the checklist to ensure that all items listed have been accomplished.
  • In some cases, you may need to make a hand-written list. In other cases, you can simply commit the...
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No More ROI: The Real Way to Sell High-Priced Packages

Want to know what keeps a lot of coaches and service providers from charging what they’re really worth?

It’s that all-too-common belief that “I am not a sales person.” Combine that with a healthy dose of “It’s rude to discuss money,” and you can see why it’s just easier to keep your rates low.

It’s time to think of your services from a different angle. Not only will you see things in a clearer light, but selling suddenly won’t feel so…salesy.

Here’s how traditional pricing discussions go:

You talk to a potential client, and you explain what you can offer, how your coaching or service works, what he or she can expect (how many calls/emails, phases of work, length of contract), etc. And then you say, “My rate is $XXX.00.”

Your client either says yes, no or (the kiss of death) maybe.

Let’s turn that around, and rather than focus on what he or she will get from YOU, take a look at what she will ...

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Easy Pricing Strategies to Determine Your Rates

It might just be the most stressful decision you ever have to make: what to charge?

You’ve got the competition to consider, your own skill set, what you perceive to be your skills (yes, this is different from the former for most of us), what your market will pay, your location, and a host of other variables. Working it out can feel like a hurdle you can’t quite get past.

Of course, there are some strategies you can employ. One popular method is to use a calculator such as the one found on Melissa Ingold’s Time Freedom Business. These will quickly tell you what you need to be charging to reach your income goals, and they’re a great place to start.

But what about all those other questions? Creating a solid pricing structure requires you to do a little more digging. So with your starting number in line, take a look at:

Your Competition. This might take a little detective work, since a lot of coaches and service providers don’t publish rates. But if you pay...

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