Self-Care Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs

DONE FOR YOU - PLUG & PLAY Royalty-Free Program that you can customize and sell...STARTING TODAY!

All The Tools You Need To Run Your Next Program in Person or Online.

How much easier would it be if you had your webinar registration page written for you? How about your sales page, your promo emails, your social media posts, your slide, your handouts, your SCRIPT??? THIS IS A GAME-CHANGER!


What is a DONE FOR YOU - Plug & Play Program?

It's the answer to everything that's holding you back from launching your next in-person workshop or online program. 

Simply put, it's everything you need to sell a program...all you have to do is plug & play...and get paid, of course!

The time it takes to do everything needed to actually host a workshop, masterclass or course is exhausting. You can certainly hire a copywriter write your sales page, your blog posts and maaaaybe your registration page but what about the rest of the aspects needed to launch 'full on' program?

Like the social media posts, the slides you'll use on the webinar, the hand outs, the webinar script.

AND what about the course still needs to be written.

If can even find a professional to do it, it would cost you a small literally cost you thousands of dollars. 



Everything that holds you back is now done for you!

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Webinar Promo Emails!

2 emails written for you to promote your free webinar.

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Paid Course Emails!

2 emails written for you promote your paid course.

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Blog Posts!

5 blogs posts for your website to promote your program.

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Social Media Promo Pack!

5 Twitter posts. 5 Facebook posts that can also be used for IG.

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Sales Page DONE~!

Your entire sales page written for you...just plug and play.

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Presentation Slides

Powerpoint presentation slides for your webinar.

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Webinar Handouts!

Your webinar handouts are prepared for you.

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Webinar Registration Page

Your webinar registration page is written for you!

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Webinar Script!

Your entire webinar script written fo you! Just plug and play.

This program royalty-free and completely customizable to you!

Your purchase allows you to completely customize this program, name it anything you want, make the words and tone of it sound like you! It doesn't get any easier than this! Get it today, plug everything into your website and release your next program in less time than you ever thought possible.

Order Now!

Everything that holds you back is now done for you!

Now, it's time to step into getting thing done faster by having the bulk of the work done for you!


Self-Care Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs


Top features

  • 2 Promo emails to get webinar registrations

  • 2 Promo emails for your paid program

  • 5 Blog posts

  • Social Media posts for Facebook...these captions may also be used on Instagram along with a graphic.

  • Your entire Sales page for your paid program...DONE

  • Webinar Power Point slides

  • Webinar handouts

  • Webinar registration page


    THE 4 - MODULE COURSE is written for you. You'll get the checklist, action plan, slide presentation, and script.