EXPANSION is all about introducing you to your higher level self and guiding you as you play all out as that person.

Be More


Do More


Have More


EXPANSION is ideal for someone who knows they WANT & DESERVE IT ALL.

This is for the person that desires to run an impactful & financially successful business while intentionally maintaining a healthy & balanced lifestyle. This includes self-care, family, friendships, community and all the things!

Here's What You Get:


12 month LIFE & BUSINESS Mentorship Program


Two Annual Retreats (One International & One Domestic)


Quarterly Masterminds in Atlanta


Includes the Bootcamp Boss Academy Coaching Program


Includes 'How to Become an Impactful & Paid Coach' Program


Bi-Weekly Call With Coach Kelly J


Monthly Personal & Business Development Experts


Weekly Call With A Coach That Focuses On Funnels, Systems, Branding, Marketing & Messaging


Access to Coach Kelly J's Voxer For Anything Personal In Nature

You get to a point in entrepreneurship where you ask yourself: 

“What am I doing wrong?” and it's not because your sales are low. In fact, you're generating a decent amount of revenue. 

Your customers and clients are happy. From the outside looking in, your business is successful, but from the inside looking out, it's not the same story.

Of course, you’re grateful for everything you have and have been able to do as an entrepreneur, but if you ever lay in bed at night and wonder why you still feel like there’s something missing, keep reading.

Society makes us believe that once we’ve hit our financial goals we’ll feel a sense of completion.

In reality, financial stability is only one piece of the puzzle. Soul level fulfillment comes from inner work and as much as we know we need to do the inner work, it’s not as visually appealing as a nice car, house or bag.

See, for people who have balance, peace and live a real “rich life” defined by their walk of purpose and not their material possessions, they don’t feel the need to show off what they have.


In turn, we don’t see as many soul rich people on social media as we do materially rich people.


Although there are some people who both walk in their purpose confidently and love the occasional Louis Vuitton bag and luxury splurge, we admire them because of the vibrant energy they exude, not because of the designer labels.

If you’ve ever met someone who exudes positive energy, undeniable belief in themselves you know what I’m talking about.


These are the women you love to hang out with because they remind you of your own greatness. 

These are the women you follow on social media because they motivate you to reach new levels.

These are the women you love to be friends with because when you’re down on yourself, being around them reminds you that there’s so much to be thankful for in front of you.

But what if YOU could be that woman?

What if you were able to expand your perspective of how you see yourself?

What if you could turn up the volume of who you really are as a woman and inspire other women?

What if you could elevate the way in which you live your purpose and walk in your calling?

You would definitely feel more at peace, vibrant,  & empowered.


You could really live your life in the way that you feel you should be living but haven’t yet been able to tap into. Across all spectrums of who you are as an entrepreneur and as a woman you have been given a domain to rule over.

In order to step fully into who you are called to be and rule over your domain, you have to become more intentional about your soul level development. God is calling you to expand your territory and you may be scared and unsure but until you answer and pull up a seat at the table to which you belong you will never feel like you’re fully doing your best.

Just like you, I too felt the feeling of having incomplete success.

I stayed awake at night wondering why. Even though I had all of the “things” people say successful women have, I was feeling like there was more out there for me. I told myself over and over again to be grateful for what I had done in my business and in my personal development, and I was grateful, but that didn’t remove the urge I was experiencing to level up my life again.

And this time it wasn’t just for me. I knew that if I decided to be in full submission to the calling that was on my life, the opportunity to become equipped to do so would present itself. At that point if I didn’t take the opportunity, I was saying to myself:

“What everyone else considers success, is success for me.”

“I’ve done all I can do as an entrepreneur and there’s no one else in this world who can live a better life as a result of the products and services I’ve created.”

“There is no better version of me and nothing more I can do to improve.”

And none of those things were true.

I had a serious coming to Jesus and fully committed to being intentional about my legacy. When you decide to fully submit to your purpose you too will also be presented with the opportunity to become equipped, elevate and expand.

EXPANSION is that opportunity.


A 12 month transformational journey where you will delve deep into both the business and personal segments of your soul to align your calling and your actions as one. If you know that it’s time for you to finally start showing up, THIS is the program that will show you how.

You’re at a pivotal point in your business and life where an ebook won’t do it. Another 8-10 week course isn’t enough. A 1:1 coaching program doesn’t go deep enough for what you need. Your vision can’t be captured in a retreat and you’ve done so much research looking for a tangible solution to an intangible problem.

EXPANSION is the solution.


Month by month we’ll tackle the underlying issues that are holding you back from dialing up your inner being and showing up as HER. With a balance between entrepreneurship and womanhood you will find that the growth you’re seeking requires you to step up and deliver in all aspects of who you are. Learning from, not just me but also other experts and thought leaders who are operating in their zone of genius to bring you the cream of the crop educational experience.

Luxury has a new name and it is EXPANSION.

Exclusive Experience

A year long coaching program dedicated to your life + business

Monthly Experts

Monthly experts on various life + business topics

Two Retreats Annually

Two in-person retreats to provide peace away from your daily routine

You are not average.

And you need a program that’s not the average program.


Holding yourself to a higher standard will change your entire existence. Make space for the magic to happen.


Sacrifice comes before transformational change. This luxury experience requires a 5 figure investment. The investment is what allows you to hold yourself accountable and show up for you. Now is the time to prioritize your growth and join an elite group of women who are being called to serve on a deeper level.

You are about to start creating worldwide impact through your business and every person you come in contact with. Your territory is growing.

Are you ready?

One thing I know for sure is that success loves speed. When you want, you miss out of THE opportunity that full of bigger opportunities.


I'm ready to step into who I'm called to be!

This program is for...  


Coachable action takers ready to blow their own mind in the next 365 days!

We will grow, cry, travel, eat, laugh, bond, and E X P A N D...


EXPANSION Mastermind Retreat

Tulum, MX • August 2021


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This opportunity is not for everyone. It's for the serious, not the curious.There is a 5-figure investment required. We have partnered with a 3rd party funding company that can extend affordable monthly installments.

NOTE: There are limited spots for the launch of this exclusive experience.