How & Why To Charge Someone For Advice They’ve Been Getting For Free

$97.00 USD

So, you've been 'coaching' for years for FREE but now you've decided to create a business around it and you're not sure how that will be received by your family and friends, right?

I get's normal to feel this way. The training will bless you soul and help you understand what to do about this and how to do it.

What you'll get:

  • Unlimited replay training
  • A new mindset shift that helps you to understand why they must pay and why they'll get better results if they do.
  • Learn the real reason WHY doing free and super low cost coaching is NOT a formula for success for you or the client. 


3 Reasons Your Coaching Program Is Not Selling

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This bundle is a behind the scenes look into three full-length coaching sessions. 

You are able to watch from an outside perspective how a Master Life Coach conducts a first session with a client. 

This bundle is invaluable because it shows you real examples of how you conduct sessions as a coach to help you hone in on skills to better serve your clients. 

When you learn this skillset at a deeper level, it helps you to increase your program enrollment on discovery calls. 

Add it now for $97 vs $297

NOTE: Permission was given by the clients to use these session as training guides.