90-Day Content Marketing Plan

$997.00 USD

If you want clarity on what to post, when to post it, and how to deliver it to reach your ideal clients, a 90-Day Content Marketing Plan is exactly what you need.

A content marketing plan is a roadmap for all the content you'll need over 90 days. 

It provides a framework to produce content that cleverly draws the audience in and attracts your target market to your service offering without having to sell to them directly and feel slimy about it. It also improves your efficiency, as the same content can be strategically shared in multiple places, giving you maximum exposure and positions you to build your authority and generate more consistent revenue. 

This content marketing plan will tie into your overall business objectives, but will focus only on the portions of the business that marketing can influence. For instance, if an overall objective of a company is to increase revenue from repeat business by a certain percentage in the next quarter/year, then we will create a marketing plan to aligns with the goal to support that.

Here’s How It Works:

  1. Purchase a custom marketing plan

  2. Fill out a client intake form detailing your business, ideal client, availability do recorded videos, go live and host webinars, etc.

  3. We create a 90 day custom content marketing plan that tells you when to go live, when to host webinars and the specific topics to talk about that are easy to share the knowledge you know with the potential customers who NEED it the most! And are most likely to convert. We also recommend resources to use, email services, webinar services, etc.

  4. When we deliver the content plan to you, all you have to do is follow the 90 day schedule, produce content and your engagement will increase! Along with your sales and visibility!

  5. We also schedule a 30 minute call before we curate your custom marketing plan and another call after to walk you through the strategies and answer any questions that you may have.

Upon checkout, you will receive an email with a scheduling link to book your marketing strategy session. 

The turn-around time for the custom content marketing package is 7 business days after the strategy session. 

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