Are You Leaving Money on The Table In Your Business - E-Book

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Not everyone overlooks or misses profits in the same way, or from the same areas. Your gaps and profit-generating opportunities will be unique for your niche, your business, your website, your audience and the way you’ve set up your systems.

 It’s all about making sure you get into the habit of looking for profit-generating opportunities all the time —as well as spotting gaps, and drains that lose you time and unnecessarily increase in expenses.

In this ebook, I we cover twenty-one proven suggestions that other coaches and entrepreneurs have successfully used to fix or find hidden or lost profits…

Here's a few of the tips to get you started:

  1. Automate for Better Engagement and Consistency

You don’t have to be reactive, responding to every question or piece of feedback in real-time: Sometimes automating your responses creates a more consistent feeling of engagement and nurturing—and ensures you don’t lose a customer or client by accidentally missing their letter.

For example:

  • Create email series’ for every turn in your sales funnel
  • Create standard broadcast emails you or your VA can send in response to common questions
  • Create FAQ sections you can point people towards. Build these into your customer service and affiliate systems—or better yet, make sure you choose Help Desk software that automatically compiles questions and answers
  • Automate delivery of Help responses
  1. Keep Up your Emails

Especially for recurring customers who have subscribed to your membership sites. If you have them on a segmented list and you’ve run through the two or three series you created for them when they signed up, don’t leave them in total silence: They will think you take them for granted—especially if they haven’t yet graduated to your top-tiered membership site, where they have personal interaction with you.

In fact, this is the perfect opportunity to create another email series and encourage them to join you there!

  1. Track for a Clear Picture

Tracking not only sales statistics but subscriber and customer behavior patterns can help you anticipate problems, solve them before they occur and plug areas where customers are jumping (or falling) through the cracks.

  1. Stick to your Systems

The easiest way to make a mistake—especially mistakes of omission—is to become reactive or distracted, and fail to stick to your own personal schedule. Add on top of that not having a clear system for product launch and follow up, and you have a recipe for unsatisfied customers. You’ll make basic mistakes like forgetting to answer a customer service request, or not answering an important question, or thanking someone for particularly heartfelt feedback—or even simply missing an opportunity to add a perfect “go-with” product.

  1. Don’t Let Them Forget You

Consistent, regular emails are important at every stage in your customer and client journeys—starting with new subscribers. Plan for regular emails, otherwise you risk them looking at your name and saying: “Who’s she? I don’t remember subscribing.” And in the trash you go, even if they don’t actually unsubscribe.

If your tracking shows a problem with this, do two things:

  • Narrow the gap between your download email and the next email in your series
  • Make sure your “From” line clearly identifies not only who you are but what you do (e.g. “Mary Flinnerty—Victorian Doll Sewing Patterns”)

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