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Do you want some of the tools to begin to dream a bigger dream and open the possibilities that may already be alive in your heart but have not surfaced in the natural realm...yet?

Grab this bundle of 7 masterclasses for $17!

What you'll get:

  1. Unlock The Magic - 2hr Workshop Replay
  2. How To Validate a Product/Service Idea
  3. How to Validate the income potential of a product/service.
  4. How To Create Professionally Branded Graphic To Stand Out In the Marketplace
  5. How To Become Successful With Social Media Broadcasting
  6. How To Create an Online Course
  7. The BEST KEPT Secret To Know When People Are Ready To Buy

(NOTE: At checkout, you will receive a link to access the masterclass replay page for 7 videos. This is over 7 hours of training content).

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Raise Your Rates 4-Part Bundle

Raising your fees and prices is a topic that many entrepreneurs and coaches find stressful to think about.

So, what do we do? We put it off.

Even if you are totally ready to go ahead and raise your rates, it’s a big step. Lurking at the back of your mind are thoughts like, “What if my clients say ‘no’?” or, “What if no one signs up for my coaching program?”

This bundle will help you eliminate groundless fears by showing you how to plan your rate hikes based on solid criteria that your market can happily afford.

Raising your rates is never just about asking for more money or hiking a fee. It’s all about moving to the next level of your business at the right time, with both you and your clients feeling good about it.

What you'll get:

  • 21 Ways to Raise Your Rates - 5 Pages
  • Raise Your Rates - 4-Week Calander - Includes step-by-step instructions - 20 Pages
  • Raise Your Rates Checklist - 7 Pages
  • Raise Your Rates Worksheet - 8 Pages