Coaching Business Clarity Consultation With Coach Kelly J - For Current Clients Only

$197.00 USD

Do you want more help to strategize your next moves? 

***$197 vs $997***

What you'll get:

  • A 60-minute business growth strategy session with Coach Kelly J. 
  • Clarity on where you are, where you're going and what to do next. We'll map it out together during this strategy session. 
  • We will map out your P6 Coaching Formula and identify these key components:
  • People:  (Your target market)
  • Products: (Decide on your first product or service)
  • Process: The process your prospective clients will go through to enroll in your program or service. 
  • Platforms: We'll decide on the platforms you'll use to get your message and offers out into the world.
  • Purpose & Philosophy: We'll brainstorm in this important area and create clarity around why you're here and what legacy you want to leave. Getting clear on your purpose positions you to make everything else fall in line.
  • Positioning: THIS is the key. All day every day you are positioning yourself in the marketplace Not overtly positioning yourself is also a position. Proper positioning is where your authority and magic shine through. We'll set this in place during the 60-minute strategy session. 

Note: Upon checkout, you'll receive a link to book your consultation. 

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