All of the following coaches have been directly certified through Coach Kelly J and the Jefferson Academy of Mentorship & Life Coaching Certification:

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Coach Roni is a southern belle, growing up in a small town of North Carolina. She nurtures her role as a Certified Life Excellence Coach for young and middle-aged adult women whom have encountered obstacles in their journey of life. She encourages and guides her clients with honing in and recognizing their strengths and weaknesses to develop strategic plans to set and achieve their goals with winning life. She truly believes that the gift of overcoming adversity can be trained to anyone with the right mindset.

Despite the hindrances of finding a parent after attempting suicide, becoming a single mother and a caretaker for a terminally ill parent whose death would serve as the most pivotal moment in her life she achieved a much greater level of success than she set out for. Just two days after her 31st birthday she graduated with her doctorate in nursing. This is where her famous quote “Take the cap off of your dreams” was developed. She has embraced her new role as “Coach Roni” to assist others with taking the caps off their dreams as well.

She welcomes young and middle-aged adults to reach out to her for either 1:1 consultations or participation in her group programs designed and tailored for the specific needs of the participants. Her programs have helped her past clients reignite their passion in their career after years of idleness and post-divorce. Prior to any commitment, she highly encourages anyone interested to follow her on social media and book a free complimentary revitalization call to ensure success of the unity. She looks forward to hearing how she can best serve you.

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Meet the coach:

Jamie Watkins is the founder and CEO of My Peace of Happy (MPOH), a Certified Life Coach and Impact Speaker specializing in self-love, confidence and accountability.

Coach Jamie helps women to gain the clarity and confidence they need to discover their purpose or as she refers to it as, their Peace of Happy. She delivers a down to earth “real talk” approach to coaching, motivating and empowering women to embrace their story and find real happiness by standing confidently in their truth and living their life with purpose.

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Meet the coach:

Tara Bullock is the Founder/CEO behind CoachTaraB Life/Relationship coaching brand. A certified life coach she is a woman that is fiercely committed to helping others show up Each.and.Every.Day truthful and authentic. In the best version of YOU!

Tara is committed to ensuring we are living the best life possible. In order to do that she believes we have to be true to ourselves. Tara teaches people how to love and honor themselves first. She knows without a second though when people are healthy, happy, and living their authentic and truthful being we show up different.

CoachTaraB, is a native of Anchorage, Alaska. Currently employed with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) where she began her career in January 2010. Prior to working for the FBI Mrs. Bullock worked in the private sector, (Health Care). 

CoachTaraB has always had a passion for helping others and giving back. Her volunteer work includes but not limited too. Big Brother and Big Sister of Rappahannock, VA, United States Army Family Readiness Group (FRG) Leader, Federal Employee Education & Assistance Fund (FEEA), Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) advocacy work on behalf of at-risk children/youth and women’s rights from abusive homes, and countless mentoring/coaching opportunities with our youth. However, her burning desire to help others live a truthful and authentic life is what has led her down the path of life/relationship coaching. 

Mrs. Bullock holds a Master of Business Administration Business (MBA) from University of Phoenix and a Bachelor’s in Business from American InterContinental University. Most recently Mrs. Bullock graduated from Central Michigan University with a graduate certificate in Human Resource Management.

Mrs. Bullock also serves as Vice President for Membership and Chapter Organization as a National Board Member for Federally Employed Women (FEW).

She has been married to Sergeant Major Troy Bullock for 23yrs (US Army), they have two children Vontrell and Latreya and one grandson Tristan.

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Meet the coach:

If there is anything that brings joy to her life and ignites a passion in her soul, it's when Jacqueline creates healing transformative spaces that gives women permission to live life unapologetically!

Jacqueline “Jacquie” Greely, founder of Mirrored Vision Coaching, LLC, loves to help usher women into divine love and acceptance of themselves through safe talk spaces, retreats, teaching, coaching, and womb healing. She believes that women, through traumas, fears, abuse, can choose to live a life on her own terms and of her making. In addition to Mirrored Vision Coaching, Jacquie is founder of Guided Wisdom Doula & Wellness which provides holistic education, support, and coaching for women transitioning to parenthood and beyond.

Jacquie holds a Master's in Public Administration and a number of trainings and certifications as a doula, yoga practitioner, womb sauna practitioner, and other alternative healing modalities. She has been a public officer with a federal agency in grants management for over 10 years.

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Meet the coach:

Certified Coach Mo, aka “The Single Mom’s Coach”, a native New Yorker. Having her son at an early age, she learned that the struggle was real when her son's father decided to leave her to pick up the pieces and raise their son alone but not without leaving an indelible mark. After spending over 10 years in family court, it was raw and debilitating pain defending her character and protecting her son’s innocence. In this very traumatic experience, she learned invaluable life lessons that she would not have learned had she not persevered. 

Currently, #1 New release Author of ‘Raising John’s Boy’, she speaks with single mothers providing the hope, courage, and security needed to make it through the obstacles designed to see them fall. Developing a world revolutionized mind transforming program for both Mothers and sons, 13E’s T.E.A.S (Training, Educational, Advocacy, and Support) is designed to revitalize self-love and reduce the next generation of African American single parent household rates.

Single Mothers and their sons (10-17 yrs) gain personalized support to help them establish greater communication while restoring self-esteem, eliminating stress, and negative self-talk that stems from antiquated stereotypes that continue to perpetuate the status quo. This perpetual myth that women cannot raise son's into upstanding men because they are not men or that son's will not be whole because a man is not in the home only motivated her to raise a King and help grow others to be the standup men that society labeled insufficient. 

If you are feeling alone, tired, rejected, scared, guilty, and frustrated with the overall challenges that come with being a single mother, follow me on social media, join Single Moms Raising Sons 123 on Facebook and make your complimentary call today to discover your voice and your young king’s path. I feel your pain because I was there. Coach Mo’s formula for reconstructing the Black/Brown family nucleus is:

“When we strengthen our boys and men, we stabilize our girls and women’

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Meet the coach:

Kelle “The Divine Home Strategist” is a certified Christian life coach. Pulling from her ample life experiences and relationship with God, Kelle is passionate about helping women break from the chaos that is in their lives and make their home their sanctuary.
Kelle is passionate about teaching women how to build kingdom families and to walk in their God given purpose and identity. As a strategist, Kelle is anointed to see the path and communicate it in such a way that she walks her clients from where they currently are to where they desire to be.  She’s been married to her wonderful husband Timothy for 19 years and is the mother of six children.  Her son, Christian is 17 and he’s followed by 5 sisters: Mikayla, 15,  Brianna, 11, Jordyn, 9, Faith, 7 and Hope 5.  Kelle is also a homeschooling veteran entering their 8th year. 
Kelle has a master’s degree from Liberty University in Human Service Counseling/ Life Coaching. Kelle fiercely believes that if you heal a woman, you change an entire generation.
Kelle is the right woman to walk alongside you on the journey to wholeness, bring order to chaos, and realize that it is never too late to dream again. 
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Meet the coach:

Robyn Murphy is the Founder and CEO of Further Her, a company that supports women on their journeys.   As a Certified Life Coach, her passion is to assist women as they explore ALL of the possibilities in their lives. Coach Robyn loves to help women navigate change. Whether the change is self-imposed or has been thrust upon her.  

Robyn is from New York City and has been coaching all her life.  She brings a “Big Sister” vibe to her conversations as she coaxes women to take charge of change.  She has dual undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Elementary Education and a Master’s degree in Reading Education.  She has worked in various education arenas and has spent half of her career coaching teachers, all over the country, on improving their literacy practices.

Coach Robyn enjoys sharing with women in the way that works best for them.  One on one coaching, group coaching, workshops and speaking engagements are all available. 

If you are ready to tackle change in your career, love relationships, friendships or other areas, please check her out as @furtherher on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

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Meet the coach:

Charlene Gramling is the Founder of Driven2Purpose, a Wellness and Life Coach brand. She is a native New Yorker, avid basketball player and modern dancer. She has experienced several rough patches in her life: marriage, divorce, being a single parent and the unforgiving juggling act of life. Grambling realized she needed to work through these issues and learn how to love herself and not be trapped in her own issues that created an identity that was not real. She wanted more out of life and that’s when she took the next step to exploring a life coach for guidance. Charlene's journey was rough. However, knowing that she was not alone and had a confidant to embrace her feelings helped her to see that sh too could have a life Driven2Purose.

Breakthrough Dreams is a life coach business focused on resurrecting dreams deferred in men and women ages 25-55. Although officially launched in 2020, Breakthrough Dreams has been a business in the making for more than two decades. Founder Charlene Gramling always felt the calling on her life to help others mend broken dreams, but it wasn’t until the COVID-19 pandemic that she felt it was officially time to take the leap and touch as many lives in her corner of the world.

Breakthrough Dreams hosts life coach sessions on a four- or six-week basis, where clients learn the SHED method: Surrendering Heartache, Embracing Deliverance. The SHED method teaches clients that there are choices they have to make, chances they have to take, and changes they have to make in order to unapologetically live life on purpose. Through these sessions, Breakthrough Dreams will help clients identify and create a blueprint to change the most complex and complicated parts of their lives and allow them to see that they have the courage to do so. Charlene explains this in a start-to finish method: “Changing your mindset, believing in yourself, finding ways to be positive, and then enjoying your life–that’s what Breakthrough Dreams will do for you.”

Charlene’s teaching is based on her own life experiences and those she has encountered while living in seven different states in her lifetime. She suffered through many of life’s ups and downs, including the loss of a parent and subsequently the loss of her dreams as a result.

“I can really reach and touch so many young men and women who have the same issues that I’ve had. I don’t mean to say a lot about me, but I’ve gone through loss, I’ve gone through divorce, I’ve been a single parent, I’ve gone through not feeling valued at my job, I’ve done everything and it just kind of imploded on me. I had to learn how to deal with those obstacles and learn how to really get past the no. I had to understand that even in the midst of standing in the no, there is a way out.”

Outside of Breakthrough Dreams, Charlene is a devoted wife and First Lady of Olivet Baptist Church in Ventura, CA, and loving mother and grandmother to her son and three grandsons.

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