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Monica Taylor

"Coach Kelly J, Thank you so very much for your leadership, guidance, wise counsel, and support over the past several months. I gained so much from your expertise and knowledge about business, coaching, and being part of a community. The Bootcamp and Certification and Mentorship Programs got me all the way together personally and professionally! As a result, I have clients in my life coaching AND business consulting tracks! My business consulting client has contracted me at $357 per hour. i also have a waitlist for my 'Your Fabulous Life' program". This is beyond my wildest dreams and I'm so grateful."

Tracy S.

"I must say that I am inspired with how this group has the heart to lift one another! Whew! The coaching sessions were so heartfelt-thank you for being transparent!"

Sabrina P.

"Coach K’s phenomenal bootcamp has definitely been one of many blessings. Not just the content and sharing of knowledge, but the partnership, continuous support and positive energy that is evident from both her and the entire Bootcamp team!"

Misty B.

"I revisited the lessons for this week and took some time to create my script. I just posted it on my page and I literally got a yes less than 5 minutes after I posted!"

Case Study: The Spoiled Coach (K'Marie) Created a New Normal of 5-Figure Months in her coaching practice. She generated $12K in her first 2 weeks of joining the Bootcamp Boss Academy.



Lynda Bugg

"Praise God! I wanted to share that I just finished a new client Discovery Call and signed her up for my 1:1 Mindset for Success Coaching Program! She even paid at the end of the call. I knew in my spirit that I could help her and didn't want to lose the momentum for her to wait for my group program. She's also signing up for my VB Workshop next week. Stay the course sisters! Coach Kelly J, you're the best!"

Sabrina Page

"Coach K’s phenomenal bootcamp has definitely been one of many blessings. Not just the content and sharing of knowledge, but the partnership, continuous support and positive energy that is evident from both her and the entire Bootcamp team!"

Brittany M.

"I am so thankful for this program because not only is it teaching me about Life Coaching - it is also teaching me about myself. Good bad and indifferent, I love what is being revealed to me!"

Veronica B.

"Coach Kelly this experience was so great for me. I had so many light bulb moments during the session. I thank you so much for all that you are pouring into us.Ladies, thank you for the encouragement. I really appreciate you all."

Nijaah H.

"Coach KJ, thank you so much for making the session such an eye opener for me. I went in nervous but came out having a clearer understanding of developing content and making 'right now' steps to establishing a relationship with my market."

LaFarn Burton

"Coach Kelly J is a serial entrepreneur; she is smart as a whip; a marketing ninja; and a media magnate. She has a soul that leads and drives all decisions. Her leadership and guidance are producing coaches around the globe. Thanks Coach Kelly J for your wisdom, guidance, love, nurturing, selflessness, and support."


Ronikka Hannans

"The Life Coach 30-Day Bootcamp was very informative, extremely interactive, and challenging. I think I underestimated the challenge. It was infused with high quality information that you can use, and Coach Kelly J was nurturing the entire step of the way."

Linda A.

"When I was a business major in college, I didn't get information and direction like this. I'm almost nervous (in a good way) what we're going to get next week."

Kelle H.

"That call was amazing!  I couldn’t stop thinking or talking about it.  I was up until 2 am and then back up at 6:30 working on some things! I thank you for providing me clarity and giving me direction!  I can’t wait to get the video so I can take notes!  It’s like I’ve got a fresh gush of wind in my sails and the momentum is just going to continue in the mentorship class!"

Monica T.

"As a result of last night's posted script I received 10 yes's! The additional 5 will be placed on the "waitlist". How exciting and scary at the same time. I'm so grateful!"

Jamie Watkins

"I've been able to get further clarity on my purpose and what it means to be an impactful Life Coach. I was able to have the tools and learn the techniques to further my business. More importantly, I was able to form a bond with a community of sister coaches that is unmatched."

Dr. Glenise, M.A., EdD, PCC

"Having Coach Kelly has been one of the most intriguing business relationships I have ever experienced. This is not to take anything way from whom I have worked with in the past. However, I stepped out of an uncomfortable space no one could ever seem to help me shift from fear to faith. I stepped into this life of entrepreneurship in 2013. Needless to say, I was by far ready for business coaching. I did not even have clarity or a brand. Coach Kelly J, has taken my vision giving me the tools and it went off like a parachute. I love doing videos which took me seven years (no exaggeration ) to do. I have learned to be better at graphics, setting up my backoffice, social media and it does not stop here. My layers of content developing were made picture perfect. I am so ready for what's next, and that is creating courses, writing books, and creating journals. That was just the business part. Her spirit of compassion, commitment, servanthood, and above all her humble spirit is like a breath of fresh air. I am grateful for everything God has equipped her to be in this industry. Thank you Coach Kelly J."

Lindsey Payne

"I have actually been following Coach Kelly J since her natural hair days, and somehow stopped along the way. But I always believe things happen for a reason and that things come to you when you need it the most. I was going through another transition in my life and had just started Rebirth Self-Love as a visual representation to myself on Instagram. Wasn't sure what I would make it into. I just knew I was going to do a 30 day challenge for my self-love. In the midst of that, I found Kelly J again. Didn't think that moment would lead me to this space. Because of her, I have been able to continue to unleash my potential and see that my purpose is and has always been to help people. I knew this, but I didn't exactly know how to truly hone in and package my knowledge and experience in that way- as a Life Coach. Coach Kelly J, I thank you for all the resources, the laughs, the tears, the accountability and most importantly, the belief and support you give each and every one of your coaches. I know to show up just as I am daily, as you have shown us. From a 30 day bootcamp to certification. I still have so much to gain from you, but I'm working on it consistently. Thank you for letting your own goals and dreams thrive, so that we can thrive in your image. I promise to make you proud."

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