The "Wisdom Wednesday" Show

The "Wisdom Wednesday" Show is a curated weekly series...

where women come together to discuss personal development. We dive deep into topics such as journaling, how to reset your belief system, single mothers raising black boys in today’s world and so much more.

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Wisdom Wednesday Show Replays:

Adjust Your Crown

Coach Ruth Mokube taught on adjusting your crown. You don't want to miss this!


The Power of Self Love

Coach Keisa taught on the power of self love. You don't want to miss this!


Get Out of Your Own Way

Coach Mischelle Sutton taught on the importance of getting out of your own way!


How to Embrace Your Breakthrough

Coach Charlene taught on embracing your breakthrough. Watch it now!


In Charge of Change

Coach Robyn Murphy taught how to take charge of change in your life!


I Was Lost, but I Found Myself

Coach Lisa taught about the journey of finding yourself after being lost.


Live Before You Die!

Coach LaFarn Burton taught on the importance of living before you die.


Level Up! Go From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be!

Coach Aliesha Davis taught on leveling up to get to where you want to be!


Yoni Steaming to Your Breakthrough

Certified Coach Jacqueline Greely taught how to yoni steam to your breakthrough! Watch it now!


5 Traits of Queen Behavior

Coach Brookita Braxton taught about 5 different traits of Queen behavior.


7 Ways to Succeed As A Mom Raising A Son

Life Coach Nijaah Howard taught on single mothers successfully raising sons in today's society. Watch it now!



Career Transition Coach, Jessica Brown teaches on the role that motivation and coachability play when considering a career transition. WATCH NOW!


Divine Home Strategist Kelle Hogan taught how to take your life from chaos to peace. WATCH NOW!


The Power of Knowing Your Worth

Certified Life & Business Coach Tara Bullock taught on the power of knowing your worth. WATCH NOW!



Life & Business Coach Tracy Stokes taught how to tell your story with authority! WATCH NOW!


Change is A Lifestyle

Life Coach, Monica Taylor taught about implementing CHANGE and the desire to be a better person.  WATCH NOW!


The Art of Speaking to Yourself: It’s an Inside Job!

Life Coach, LaTrell Edwards taught about pouring into yourself what you so freely give to others. WATCH NOW!


How To Develop a Successful Career Transition Plan

Career Coach, Jessica Brown taught how to develop a plan to transition to a successful career. 


Cultivating Your Circle

Life Coach, Jamie Watkins taught about how to recognize the need to change your circle to support your future best self. 


How To Break Dead End Cycles To Reach Better Days

Life Coach Veronica Burnett, Founder of the Better Days Conference talked about how cycles can help of hurt you in life. 


Dispelling the myth of ‘Only a Man can raise a Man'

Coach Mo taught how to re-define your position as a single mother and how you interact with and raise your sons. WATCH NOW!


The Importance of Journaling & How To Get Started

Dr. Ronikka Hannas shared her technique on journaling. WATCH NOW!


How To Reset Your Belief System

Certified Life & Business Coach Kelly J taught how to begin to reset your belief system to change your life. WATCH NOW!

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